Saturday, November 22, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Coastalscents Haul

Hey everyone!

I am so stoked! I just ordered the Ultra Shimmer 88 Eye Shadow Palette, the Contour & Blush Palette, and the 10 Piece Professional Blush Palette. I've heard great reviews on them, and can't wait to get them. I'll make sure to get you guys some swatches, and make a review for all of you. If you ever need to start a makeup collection, this is a great way to do it. And this is also a great way to start experimenting with colors.

Ultra Shimmer 88 Eye Shadow Palette
"For those of you who love shimmer shadows you will not be disappointed. These are very pigmented and offer a bit more shimmer than the 56 piece palette."

Contour & Blush Palette
"Our Contour Palette is packaged in a matte black case holding 6 large pans for contouring, shading, blush and concealing. The powders are all matte (you do not want to use shimmer or pearl powders when contouring)."

10 Piece Professional Blush Palette
"Our professional blush palette contains every shade needed for the makeup artist. There are 4 matte blushes (1st one on the bottom row and the last 3 on the bottom row). The rest of these have a beautiful sheen of shimmer. "

Hey Girls,

So I just got an email about FACEFRONT'S new Holiday Gift Set available for anyone to purchase as a christmas gift to someone or even to yourself. They have great pigments. Check it out!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

FOTN: Yellow Orange Green Turquoise

Okay everyone,

Here's my first tutorial. Sorry, new to all this, so bare with me okay? Anyways, this tutorial is a look I created with the colors that my cousin Natalie requested. So Enjoy! Leave comments! OR email me at Video will be posted up SOON!!