Sunday, July 26, 2009

MIA Aplogies

So sorry everyone, I've been so dang MIA!!! I had to do tons of lesson planning, then I had to get all my stuff together cause we had a church conference in CA. I haven't even unpacked out of my suitcase yet & I've been back for a week now. I have to do more lesson planning. I have to clean my room! I have volunteer work that I need to get done with after next month. I still need to post pictures from my trip onto my blog. I've been cleaning my house. And the list just never ends. I really need to take some more time off to just set my priorities straight! I will update more later (when I can). Love you guys though! Thanks for all the lovely comments & for all the new followers thank you so much!


NuNuDolls MAC Graphic Garden Giveaway

The gorgeous Nou NunuDoll is having a great giveaway! If you don't know who she is click here to find out how you can win one of these palettes!

She is giving away BOTH palettes (that are BRAND SPANKING NEW) which were released with the Graphic Garden Collection. There will be two winners chosen randomly, and each winner will receive 1 palette (the first winner gets first choice). There will also be other little goodies enclosed in the packages as well! *And yes this contest is open internationally*
Fresh Cut Palette

Graphic Garden Palette

1-You must have a blog on blogger. (You have no idea how many people emailed me with no blogs on my last giveaway)
2-You must be a follower of my blog as well as my boyfriend Andy's blog. Trust me, I will check, and yes you will be disqualified if you aren't subscribed to both of our blogs.
3-Leave a comment on this entry saying "banana peppers." Yes, I am serious.
4-Want to double your chances of winning? Post an entry on your own blog advertising this giveaway. DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE ME A LINK OF THE ENTRY!

This giveaway will close on Friday, August, 21st. The winner will be announced the next day.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I Got a Haircut!

So I finally got my sister-in-law to cut my hair after debating if I should save it & not touch it. I really like my cut cause it frames my face & gives me volume. Especially cause my hair is so thin & fine. My husband got home & he was like " Wow it makes you look skinnier!" hahaha I was like yeah see thats why I wanted to get it cut! But at first he didn't want me to. But he's fine with it. It's not like I'm shaving my head or something.. hahaha.... let me know what you think.

Before: My grown-out bob cut with long bangs

After: My face a bit more framed with bangs

My Package is Here!

Thanks again to Tamara from CherryColors. I messaged her when I received my prize but I never got the chance to show you guys what I won! She's so lovely for giving these away! Check out what I got, when I first found out that I had won, she emailed me telling me that she shipped it & it was going to take about of month because she's out of country & all, but I actually received it quicker than I thought! I think it was like 1-2 weeks. She packaged everything so cute. Wrapped in bubble-wrap & hello kitty tape! So adorable. I love hello kitty! 

Thanks again TAMARA!!! Check out her blog she has tons of reviews & NOTD's & more!

MakeupJUNKEE's Giveaway!

OMG MakeupJUNKEE is having a very big giveaway for her reaching 5o subscribers! Click on the pictures to find out how you can  win these prizes!

1) POP Beauty Blue Eyes palette with eyeshadow brush
2) Stila contouring trio
3) Revlon Soft on the Eyes loose pigment eyeshadow
4) Jane pure mineral gel eyeliner in Navy
5) Stila lip glaze in Fig
6) Stila liquid lip color in Sheen
7) Amuse shimmer duster in blue and orange
8) NYX double cross eyelashes
9) Ever Lash
10) NYX lip stick in Creamy Beige
11) Ulta blush in Girlie
12) Giovi baked eyeshadow