Saturday, January 31, 2009

Winter Beauty Survival Guide from Women’s Health

I took this from PB. But I think these are great tips though.


1. Experiment with Fragrance: Grab a marked-down fragrance leftover from the holidays and get a whiff of something you’ve been meaning to test-drive.

2. Skip Shampoo: Minerals in tap water and detergents in shampoo can cause your winter-stressed scalp to itch and flake.

Before bed, rub a dry shampoo into your roots to absorb the excess oil.

3. Forget Foundation: Heavier pigments and thick consistency of foundation can make it settle into dry areas on your skin and give your complexion a patchy look that brings attention to imperfections. Use a tinted moisturizer instead.

4. Leave Nails Naked: Brittle nails are more common in women who used nail polish remover at least twice a month. Skip the polish in the winter, and moisturize your hands and nails every day.

5. Check Your Conditioner: Protein could be what’s making your hair dry and static-y. Check the label on your favorite conditioner; if the P-word is high on the ingredient list, alternate between it and a conditioner that contains lubricants.

6. Fight Fuzz: Your summer glow is faded, so now it’s time for laser hair removal – laser treatments are most affective when the contrast between hair and skin is more drastic. So if you’re in the market for eternal hair remover, NOW is the time!

7. Stop Flaking: NO MORE flaky, dry skin in the cold winter months – it’s all about moisturizing, but hydrators in lotions and creams. Your skin creams can’t do their job if there’s a coat of dead, rough skin blocking your pores, so it’s important to EXFOLIATE your skin BEFORE applying any types of lotions/moisturizers.

8. Drown Your Skin’s Sorrows: Once you’ve exfoliated, follow these steps to keep your skin happy, and full of life - Layer on a moisturizer with sunscreen in the morning, apply a thick night cream before hitting the sheets, and make a humidifier part of your bedroom decor.

9. Go for the Bronze: Stop complaining about your pale, pasty skin – feel refreshed with a nice, natural glow with a quick swipe of peachy bronzer that will waken your skin.



1. Play with New Products: Milder temps mean your skin is less likely to be sensitive–and it’s not hot enough yet to sweat off anything new you try. So go ahead–this is the safest time to experiment with new moisturizers and foundations to see which suit your skin best.

2. Ditch Your Hair Dryer: Don’t wait for tropical heat to hit to unplug your dryer or flat iron. Give your hair as much R&R as possible by letting it air-dry before the serious humidity settles in. You’ll save your strands from damage and give your hair time to adapt to a new styling routine.


1. Lay Off the Bottle (and Brush and Tube): When the weather warms up, cut back on cosmetics. A study in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology found that reports of sensitive skin rise during the summer months, especially in women. So it’s time to simplify your regimen. “Seek out products with a short ingredient list,” says study author Laurent Misery, Ph.D. “The fewer ingredients a product has, the less likely it is to irritate the skin.”

2. Take It Easy: Don’t be so hard on your nails. “People are drawn to water when the weather turns hot, and that’s where bacteria and yeast can breed,” says dermatologist and nail specialist Dana Stern, M.D. Your cuticles act as a natural barrier, preventing the bad stuff from entering the nail bed, so make sure your manicurist doesn’t cut your cuticles and isn’t otherwise overly aggressive when she works her magic on your hands.


1. Scan Your Skin: “Now’s the time to go in for your yearly checkup with your dermatologist,” Fusco says. “Have your doctor do a skin scan so she can catch any sun damage that may have occurred during the summer.”

2. Turn Down the Lights: Take sun-bleached strands a shade or two darker and they’ll look healthier and more natural. Another bonus: “The richer hue will make your skin look warmer and better,” says celebrity colorist Rita Hazan, owner of Rita Hazan Salon in New York City.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Making the Most Out of Your Eye Color

Brown Eyes / Deep Skin

  • Colors to Wear: Light browns, golds, purple, green (brighter the better), blue, coral, yellow, orange.

Green/or Hazel Eyes / Medium Skin

  • Colors to Wear: Taupe, plum, brown, gold, black.

Green/or Hazel Eyes / Light Skin

  • Colors to Wear: Light green, blue, gold, bronze, sepia, black, deep gray.

Blue Eyes / Medium Skin

  • Colors to Wear: Mauve, rosey-pink, medium purple, pinkish-brown, gold, bronze.

Blue Eyes / Light Skin

Colors to Wear: Taupe, light green, brown, apricot, black, deep gray. If you have some green (warmer appearance), add mocha, taupe, bronze, or gold.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

YAY!! So I won LUCKYVAN23's Contest as a 3rd placed winner. So excited!!

I'll be sure to show you guys what I won when I receive it ok? Thanks!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


So, I've just been online browsing, and looking at all these beauty products, and I decided WHY NOT?? I'll go ahead and make a wishlist, or show you guys things that I just fell in love with. So here goes....

Ulta Exclusive! Pink Zebra Professional Hair Dryer ($89 value)= $29.99

I'm so into ZEBRA PRINTS right now, its not even a joke. I LOVE IT!! I don't know what it is.. but yes, gotta have this!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Quick Step by Step Tutorial on my CLOWNGLAM look

I entered this in for Hood Barbie's Contest, and I thought I could share this look with you all too. So, enjoy. Remember Subscribe!!!

Products Used:

CS Eye Poxy Primer
CS 88 Shimmer Palette
CS Pro Blush Palette
NYC Duo Eyeliner Pencil (Black & Brown)
TCW Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
Fright Night-Dark Angel Lashes (#69019)

Some of My Favorite Makeup

So I was entering a contest, which I was showing my Favorite makeup out of my small collection, and I decided I can share with you all my faves. So check it out if you want!! Remember to Subscribe!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Looking For Prom Dresses?

SHRINKLE.COM has the cutest Vintage Stuff ever. I know I dont have any Prom's to go to. But check out this beautiful Vintage Lace Dress! I love it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Silky smooth, frost-kissed shadows designed to cool down, or heat up any winter look

Great Winter Fashion Tips


Happy New Years to Everyone!

I know its late, but here I am. I don't know if you've already made your New Year's Resolutions yet, but I just did today. Thanks to PB, I finally got the chance to sit down and think of all the things that I wanted done/to do this year. So here goes, feel free to share your resolutions too!

Hey Pursebuzz… to be honest, I haven’t even gotten the chance to just really sit down and plan my new years resolution, so since I’m here, on my lunch, I might as well do that now.

1. Be More Organized in everything I do
2. Have a better Financial Management
3. Experiment more with colors
4. Be able to start up my own BLOG
5. Stay fit
6. Build up my Faith with God & Reaf the Bible more
7. Spend more time with my Husband
8. Live my life to the fullest (enjoy everything that comes my way)
9. Think more positive