Monday, February 2, 2009

Beauty Basics Stayput Red Lips

All women look beautiful in red lipstick - really, you do! It's avoiding big no-no's (like pairing a crimson pout with lip gloss) that can make the difference between a sexy scarlet smacker and, well, Bozo the Clown. Here, makeup artist Carmindy has easy tips on how to score perfect, long-lasting red lips every time.

Carmindy's Tip: How to find your perfect shade of red? Swipe a red lipstick on a piece of white paper to see its undertone - blue, orange or true red. Those with fair skin should use reds with blue undertones, medium skin should use reds with orange undertones, dark skin should use true reds, and redheads should go for tomato and brick reds.

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