Saturday, March 28, 2009

CCO Store

Okay, So the hubby & I didnt have much planned for today, so we decided to go out to the outlets. I ran across the CCO (The Cosmetics Company Store) & purchased my first...(it's sad to say) MAC product ever! I'm excited though cause I'm slowly collecting.. anyways, MAC is already expensive as is and the CCO had stuff discounted, but may I just say, for a person like me, whew! Make up there is still pretty pricey. Discounted, but pricey still. Especially for a person that has a tight budget. So yes, I got my MSF in Light Medium/ Natural for $18.75. Anyways, I also went into the CLAIRES store & purchased some head bands since they we're having a 1o items for $10 & anything you purchase under &10 after would be $1. So I grabbed these two Splatter Shadow Pots. Everything was a dollar! Loved it! I'm a big BARGAIN SHOPPER!! I cannot buy anything too pricey, I just have a conscious of telling me its way too much. So I'm always in the clearance section of every store I go into! AHHHH! hahaha anyways, have a good one!

Also grabbed this YUMMY Snicker Carmel Apple from THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY!! SO good.. so good....

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