Thursday, May 28, 2009

Late Memorial Weekend Post

I'm so sorry for posting this so late. But I still wanted to share with you all my weekend. The hub & I woke up Saturday morning with no plans. Then he decided to go to the beach. So we got up, got ready & left for Seaside. It was beautiful at home, nice & sunny. But once we got to the mountains & forests, it was overcast. We were both bummed, but we weren't going to let that spoil our weekend. Did some shopping at the tiny outlet that they had (thats where I got the Claire's stuff) Then after that we drove up to Astoria. There was a rave of the Amazing Astoria Column that we just had to go see. So we got up there, but couldn't go inside to climb the hundreds-thousands flight of stairs to see what beautiful scenery it contains from the topdue to interior construction, but it was beautiful just to look at. After camera whoring infront of the column, we headed back to Seaside & did some more shopping in the downtown area (where all the tourist attractions are)

Sunday we woke up went to church & thought there wasn't going to be enough time for us to do anything, but we managed to get some PHO & go hiking/walking with some of our friends & family. So funny how we are always in Portland, but we've never managed to go to this park (Mt. Tabor) Very beautiful I'd say.

Monday the whole family planned to go out to McIver State Park, so we headed out there kinda late. Did some bbqing, eating, volleyballing, walking, & just your average everyday family talking. I didn't get any pictures, but I just wanted to tell you I had a blast!!!!

On our way to McIver State Park you can see Mt. Hood (I think??)

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