Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Lil Flashback

.....into my Past, Present, & Future.
(Warning: This Post is Photo heavy)

It was the night of October 15th, 1989, when I was brought into this world. My parents named me Dora Pangchia Thao. I was their first child. I was born in Orange County, CA. To start off, I am Hmong. And I know there aren't alot of people out there that are familiar with what that is. It's a long story, so if you really want to know i suggest you Google it just like everyone else. I know every once in a while I do. Just because I get so confused from all the stories. But anyways, I am the first born child of Tong Kou Thao & Mailor Lor. I have 4 younger sisters & 2 baby brothers. I've taken care of them all my life til now. I've lived some of my life in California and in North Carolina. I grew up going to church every Sunday. So I am a BIG believer in Christ. About 3 years ago I've finally accepted Him as my Savior & was baptized.

A Picture of My Mother holding me.

Growing up in California, I lived around most of my family. My most fondest memories are of my loving grandmother. She mostly took care of me. I went every where with her and she of course the role of a grandmother, bought me everything I wanted. That only lasted for a short time though. My grandmother died about 3-4 years ago due to an unsolved crime. Till this day we still have no clue if it was suiccide or murder. I miss her so. Here is a picture of her as a loving memory.

Here she is in Hmong Clothes during our annual New Years Celebration

Here I am in my most favorite dress w/ matching headband. (Probably 1-2 years)

My Sister Tiffany & I

Over the years, my family & I have moved a lot causing me to attend lots of different schools. This is a BIG reason why I never got active in school. Never joined clubs, sports, school dances. I was your average "loner" with other kids that I just called friends for a while. I never "belonged" anywhere until we moved back to Fresno, California after living in North Carolina for 6 years. I started as a 7th Grader at Kings Canyon Middle School (KCMS). And I met tons of other hmong kids too! It was easier for me to get along with these kids because we had things in common. I became so attached to my friends even though I never really got to "hang out" or get to know them very well.

Me 7th Grade year

Our "Group" at the end of 8th Grade Year.

It wasn't til freshman year in highschool that I had a best friend relationship. We went to KCMS together but we were never as close as she was with her BFF's. When we found out that we were the only two from the group that went to Theodore Roosevelt High School, we decided to stay together & support eachother in every way. So that was when I truly felt like I was on top of the world. It didn't matter if school or life was pain, I had a friend I could turn to.

Me & Kabao

But it wasn't long after we started our wonderful friendship together, that my parents decided to move up to Oregon. I was going to have to leave her behind. Just when I thought everything was perfect, my Dad decides to get a job in Oregon. Kabao, thats her name, was very sad when I delivered the news. She didn't want me to leave, I didn't blame her. But I've truly missed lots of memories that we had in my Middle School-early High School Years.
These were pictures from my last week with my friends in school.

Kabao & I still keep in touch with eachother. We call/text/message eachother once in a while to keep each other updated on our lives. But on to what is happening TODAY! As of right now, I reside in Oregon with my loving husband. And I am happily married. I married him when I was 15 years old. When we first talked to eachother on the phone it was like "love at first sight." We just knew that we were meant to be. He was the most Romantic person ever. I don't know where or what I would be with out him in my life.

Here's the beginning of our relationship.

These Pictures were taken right before we decided to get married.

So here we are after 9 months of just dating, we decide to elope & get married. And I have to warn you, for some reason after we got married, we just somehow got carried away & gained so much weight. Everyone says "thats what happens when you get married, you're just too happy!" I dont know if thats what really happened, but I do know one thing, I love him so much & I love him now more than ever. He's stuck by my side through everything. And if it wasn't for his love & support, I wouldn't be who I am today! Love you HUNNY!! We've talked & talked and we've been planning our future together. He has plans to go into a Fire Academy to become a Firefighter, and as for me, I am planning to register for Beauty School sometime this year to become a cosmetologist!

Got married February 21st, 2005

This picture was from the morning of our wedding.

These are our most recent pictures professional-wise from 2 christmas's ago.

& Here we are today!

Taken a month ago at the coast.

5 Random Facts that I know You dont know about ME!
1.) I love to sing. I might even post a video up sometimes to show you.
2.) Everyone says I'm a perfectionist, but my room is a pig sty.
3.) I'm a dork, I'm gullible, I forget & lose things and I fall for everything.
(NOTE: Thats why I also got the nickname Dory)
4.) I like to go outside every time after it rains & take a deep breath in.
5.) VERY PERSONAL: I was regular with my periods up until I got married, and ever since I've been very irregular. I get so scared sometimes cause I'll go a year without one. But just recently, like last month, I went jogging for a week & it came in for a full week. And this month I've started again! So I'm excited. hahaha

Thanks to Ketmany for throwing this great Giveaway. I've now been able to get a bit more personal with my followers. I hope this Intro to my life was worth reading! Let me know what you think! And also I want to know more about you too! Leave a comment! Follow my Blog & yeah! Take Care everyone!


Ketmany said...

lol omg i know exactly what you mean about having friends in middle school & being so close to them even though you never got to go hang out and do stuff together. my parents were always so strict and i never got to see my friends out of school. it was sucky.

i cant believe you got married so young, but i guess when you know hes the one theres no need to wait :)

thank you so much for entering my giveaway.

MakeupJunkee said...

I had a fun time reading your blog. I had a little dress like yours too when i was small. Mine was pink. good luck to you.

leslielovesmakeup said...

i didn't know you were hmong.! haha i'm mixed with lao/viet/hmong and i used to live in minnesota. but yeah bloggin can take up time so it's understandable why people can't update everyday! :) ur new cut looks good too :)