Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yes To Carrots (C Love Color) Lip Tints Review

Thanks to LeslieLovesMakeup's review on these Lip Tints, I was driven to go out & grab them for my self. I remember walking past the cosmetic aisles and seeing them & wanting to purchase them, but never got around to it until I read her review on it. PLUS I have been looking for some pretty good lip tints, so when Leslie put in her review, I knew I had to go back for them & try it for myself. I LOVE them...

Here's the swatches:
From Left to Right: Cotton Candy, Sunset Pink, & Coral Sunshine

Pros: -Moisturizes
-Has a hint of color
-Shimmer w/o the chunks
-Keeps my lips soft
-95% Organic
- & packed with anitoxidants
-Perfect "throw in your purse" size

Cons: -None
-A bit of minty numbness (but still doable)

(in same order as above)


KRYSTAL said...

omg i love the colors and i like how its organic! where did you purchase them at and how much were they!? thanks!

FuN and MakeUp said...

i wish i had nice full lips like you !! thanks for droppin by my blog xoxo