Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall Trends

I've been so out of it. I haven't been catching up on any new fashion trends or makeup trends. At work I can only wear our work polos with our logo printed on, so I haven't been dressing up at all. Only on weekends. I feel like I'm neglecting my closet. It needs some loving... But heres one thing I saw that I just knew I had to try.

"Whether they're bright and bulky or full and fierce, the chunky choker is poised to be one of the biggest fall trends—hooray! We adore this easy piece for several simple reasons: it adds some posh pizazz to the wardrobe essentials you already own, looks great with everything from a casual blazer to a killer cocktail dress, and there are cool versions available at every price point. In short, this all-purpose accessory is at the top of our list!"


"We realize that the idea of red lipstick being a new look for autumn is tantamount to saying something on par with "jeans are popular" or "try a coat for winter." In other words: highly obvious. But aside from the duh factor that is inherent in today's story, we'd like to point out that the season's rouge is neither the blood-orange tones nor the burgundy tints that have been popular as of late. Instead, the must-try lip is a beautifully bright true red: it's festive, it's fresh, it's oh-so-fall. Best of all, there are lots of brand-new lipsticks from our favorite companies (Maybelline! Dolce & Gabbana!), which means that you get the hottest hues and just-developed formulas too. We've tried and tested everything awesome on the market, dear readers, and have the right reds for all of you, so read on for more details on these WhoWhatWear.com-approved lipsticks!"


Mimilainna said...

I can't wait for fall!! Its always my favorite season! And I have a new bangin red for it!

Mimilainna said...

no subtle makeup for me, girl! all dark lips and smokey eyes lol

Betty Girl Make-Up said...

i cannot wait to try the illamasque collection. i've been waiting to spend my money on the new mac style black collection coming out september 23rd b/c i'm getting most of the things in that collection. i cannot wait!!! ahhhh!