Saturday, March 28, 2009

Eighties Eyes

Though this is definitely statement makeup, there is a way to wear these eighties eyes off the runway. If you're keen on trying the dramatic look, use a slightly matte dark gray shadow, per Mischa Barton and Alice Dellal. Barton, seen here at the G-Star Raw show in February, is a huge proponent of this trend. She usually concentrates all the shadow on her lids, extending just beyond the outer corners to a slight Cleopatra-like point, and leaves her brow bones bare. Alice Dellal showed off a similar, slightly more polished version of this look at a Milan Fashion Week party. We love the combination of soft dove gray shadow on the brow and inner corners, plus shaded charcoal shadow on the lid. The way the darker shadow tapers to a dramatic point is not only lovely, it's also perfect for a fun night out.

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