Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fashion: Cropped Boots

While the way these ladies wear their cropped boots might not seem revolutionary, the subtle style tweak makes all the difference. Don't forget that up until recently, a casual boots-and-jeans look always required a pair of knee-high equestrian or vintage boots and some methodical denim tucking (one never wants to add bulk to ones calves). However, as witnessed on some of the savviest trendsetters, the cropped boot is fast replacing its taller counterpart.

As for why this look is dominating, well, we're not exactly sure. Maybe everyone loves cropped boots because they offer a weather-appropriate way to transition into a spring wardrobe? Or perhaps it's a time issue: who has the patience to zip, button or lace a boot all the way up, when you can just pull on a boot that is roomy enough to easily slip your skinnies into? Whatever the reason, we are quite taken with the look, and can't wait to showcase our favorite cropped boots, as seen on some of the most stylish tastemakers from coast to coast.

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